High density filtration core + activated carbon dual specific filtration.


High – density filtration cotton dilates tender when it meet water. Its density is higher. And it can absorb the normal iron matter, impurities and muddy soil from the water. When the cotton’s color turns to yellow and looks dirty, then it reaches to its saturation.

Based on the theory of capillary absorption, activated carbon can absorb the Ozone, iron matter, remnant pesticide and general chemistry element in the water, so  it can purify the water and protect health for all your family.


  • Both the filtration core and activated carbon are changeable. You only need to open the top. Change on the new filtration core and activated carbon instead. Then it can save money while ensure water quality for you. They should be changed every 1-3 month or depends on your water quality or water use frequency.

  • Different Accessory

    Model Q2 has an adjustable hoop. This can be adjusted according to caliber size so as to enhance the fastness.

    Model Q3 has a universal connector, which can be connected to different size of tap’s caliber. Please refer to the sketch map for the installation method.


  • It can only be used under normal temperature. And please don’t use it to filer hot water up 45degree centigrade.
  • It is normal that it will have some dust-color at the first time. This is caused by activated carbon powder. So please reassure to use it.
  • If the flexible plastic loop can’t be worn on under cold weather, please soften the head of the loop by hot water.
  • Please keep it in a dry and ventilated place, the filtration core may have lighter yellow color caused by heavy roast, but it will not affect its function.