Product function:

  • Using the high-density filtration cotton from Germany technology. It expands and become soft when meet the water. The density will become higher. It can absorb the harmful substance like iron. Impurity and microbe in the water.
  • Using high-effect material calcium sulfite, it can reduce the harm that the chlorine cause to human health and increase the percentage of the mineral substance.
  • Tourmaline is a mineral substance with multelement, it will release far infrared and produce anlon when heating. Promote the whole body blood circulation and metabolism. Regulatin the balance of the body ions and activate the cells prevent skin again and achieve the cosmetic effect.
  • Instruction:

    This product is equipped with filter replacement. The features and the details of the product please refer to the attached brochure.


  • Service time is about 3-6 months; it depends on the water flow or the local water quality.
  • Suitable temperature: 50-75 degree centigrade.
  • Using this product will lead to the decrease of the flow, a little increase of the temperature. When the filter core become yellow and dirty, it means the absorb gets saturation, it will stop the water flow and make the gas water heater can’t work please note to change a new one to remain the filtration efficiency.